MMM-WeatherBackground question

  • if I am using currentweather (openweathermap) as the source, what keywords should I use on Collections?

  • Module Developer

    You can use these as keywords.

    sunny, clouds, cloudy, windy, heavy rain, rain, thunderstorm, snow, fog, clear night, cloudy night, night rain, night thunderstorm, night snow, windy night

  • Module Developer

    And you can adjust keywords also by configuration

    sources: {
      "currentweather": {
        notification: "CURRENTWEATHER_DATA",
        payloadConverter: (payload)=> {
          var iconMap = {
            "01d": "sunny",
            "02d": "clouds",
            "03d": "cloudy",
            "04d": "windy",
            "09d": "heavy rain",
            "10d": "rain",
            "11d": "thunderstorm",
            "13d": "snow",
            "50d": "fog",
            "01n": "clear night",
            "02n": "cloudy night",
            "03n": "cloudy night",
            "04n": "cloudy night",
            "09n": "night rain",
            "10n": "night rain",
            "11n": "night thunderstorm",
            "13n": "night snow",
            "50n": "windy night"
          return iconMap[[0].icon]