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MagicMirror voice control for MMM-Carousel

  • @shbatm I have a (mostly) running mirror with Carousel, and I have home automation using NodeRED.

    I want to be able to switch directly to certain screens in Carousel) rather than scrolling through all of them based on demand, and I want it to flip through all of the screens when not called. Can this be done? If so, can I get a hint where I might look? I am thinking possibly Web Sockets, but don’t actually know much about them.

    From the automation side, I have Alexa sending messages to my NodeRED that can then change the action and send out various formats, but MQQT seems the most obvious candidate. When I looked through MMM-MQTT @javiergayala , it seems to be used to display information rather than acting as screen or button clicks or driving interactions on the mirror. Can I use MQQT to act like a keyboard or button across any module?

    Bob O

  • @lamachine said in MagicMirror voice control for MMM-Carousel:


    It appears carousel may not be the best choice for this. I am now trying with MMM-Remote-Control.

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