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any ideas what causes this... ?

  • Module Developer

    This has happened to me several times in the past when working with pages…
    0_1549666960250_Screenshot (46).png

    It happens upon start up or refresh…
    ALL the modules from every page loads up on the first page

    It all goes back to normal after clicking on one of the page indicators

    every time I have ran across this, it somehow fixes itself at some point, so I have no idea what causes it, or how to avoid it in the future.

    Would love some feedback on this!!!

  • @justjim1220 you are using MMM-Pages? or what to do multiples?

    I haven’t used this… but there is a moment in time where the thread switcher doesn’t quite act as fast as expected…

    I see that in my updated MMM-ImagesPhotos… I have two images in the div, make second visible (now 2 visible), delete 1st… both show up for a while… even tho they shouldn’t… so MM is not getting the message to update the dom, or the system is delaying something…

  • Module Developer

    I get that with MMM-Carousel too - the difference is that MMM-Carousel takes care of it. I’m ASSuming that MM is initializing all the modules before they get a chance to get hidden, then when it repeats later, it’s a module updating while hidden, so it reshows.

  • Module Developer

    this issue has started back up again for reasons unknown

    Any Ideas?

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