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Wall Mounts

  • Hi,

    I was just wondering what method people opt for when mounting their mirror to the wall?

    I was looking at a standard TV bracket with an arm to allow me easy access to the hardware but I’m worried this would be too thick.

  • Module Developer

    I used a French Cleat. Look at my blog in the signature for details.

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  • Project Sponsor

    I did the same as @Cato. A french cleat is easy and will hold much more weight than a picture hangar.

  • What are the weights of your mirrors? I’m getting ready to construct my frame this coming weekend, and we were talking about the build yesterday. I’ve got a 20" x 30" glass mirror and 32" monitor. I haven’t gotten the wood yet, but pine seems the likely candidate. I have talked about the French cleat to hang it, but there’s concern about how to secure it to the frame. I want my mirror to be portrait instead of landscape, so they’re worried that the weight at the bottom will put too much stress on the top at the point where the French cleat is attached and that I should have a way to hang it from both the top and the bottom to evenly distribute the weight along the frame.

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    @hologramicgirl I bought a relatively cheap aluminum french cleat from a hardware store. It claims it’s rated for 100 lbs and my mirror maybe weighs 30.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    I just used a standard wood type adapter. Made a U shaped piece to mount to wall then an insert piece on the mirror… modified cleat 😉

  • We’re estimating my mirror will weigh about 50lbs. The monitor is about 20lbs. I haven’t unwrapped the mirror yet because I don’t need 7 yrs bad luck right now. 🙂 The guys were arguing that my plan to have a board across the top as a French cleat or to anchor the French cleat will put too much stress on the board and the top of the frame. None of you seem to have any trouble…

  • Module Developer

    Depending on where the weight of the monitor will go, I don’t think it should be a problem.

    What I did was to use carpenter’s squares to fasten the two left/right frames to the top. On this picture the top is the one with ventilation holes:
    alt text

    What you don’t see is that I’ve screewed to top frame to the left/right frame.

    The weight of the monitor is on two pieces of wood that is screewed to the sides. Those pieces of wood keeps the monitor from falling back too. On this picture it looks like the weight go to the bottom frame, but that is not true:

    alt text

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