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MMM-PIR-Sensor brightness

  • I installed Pir sensor module and not everything is going well. The on/off of screen works well but my problem is when i walk in front of my mirror, the brightness is very low and little by little continues to rise slowly and i don’t know why this happen.

  • Module Developer

    that’s sounding like you monitor is going bad, honestly.

    PIR-Sensor just turns on and off your monitor… The rest sounds like a failing backlight.

  • There are some monitors (TV mainly) which have automatic control of the brightness (based on a sensor). Maybe it’s that.
    Was it present before PIR instalation Y/N? this can guide you.

    From MHO, PIR sensor has Nothing to do with that (but not 100% Sure).


  • if I don’t have the sensor activated, the brightness goes perfectly. But if it is activated and I leave a few minutes without passing in front of it, when passing has a fairly low brightness, it takes a few long seconds to regain the brightness. In a beginning I opened this thread to know if the module towards something with the brightness etc.
    But it looks like it belongs to my (old) screen, I’ll try it on a newer screen.
    Thanks you

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