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MMM-DWD-WarnWeather - Wetterwarnungen

  • Could you maybe remove the modules header or make it fully configurable or include an option to deactivate it?
    Right now I can choose between “Wetterwarnungen” or “Wetterwarnungen: LineBreak Regionname”. The line break is annoying and I want to be able to set my own text.
    Modules shouldn’t force a header…

  • Hi,
    since a short time the DW Warn Weather modul does not load anymore here my config:

    	module: 'MMM-DWD-WarnWeather',
    			position: 'bottom_right',
    			header: '',
    			config: {
    				lat: 51.15667,
    				lng: 7.192478,
    				changeColor: true,
    				minutes: false,
    				displayRegionName: false,
    				interval: 10 * 60 * 1000, // every 10 minutes
    				loadingText: 'Lade DWD ...',
    				noWarningText: 'Keine Warnungen'

    Always the Message ist “Ort nicht gefunden” und “Lade DWD …”

    Any Ideas ?

    Thx for feedback


  • Hi Anf,

    after updating the MMM-DWD-WarnWeather Module i had the issues.

    I have no Lat & Lng Settings. My Location is --> region --> Stadt Wuppertal.

    After Update i change the Region to Wuppertal and it works again.

                            module: "MMM-DWD-WarnWeather",
                            position: "bottom_right",
                            header: "Deutscher Wetterdienst",
                            config: {
                                    region: "Wuppertal",
                                    longversion: true

    This is my setting. Maybe it will help you.


  • Hi Sandy,

    yes region: “Wuppertal” works now i struggle beause i have a “ö” in the region and all maskings e.g. oe or o or ö or \oe does not work.
    Any ideas ?
    Thx for feedback

  • @anf did you got a solution?
    i’ve got the same issue about an “ö” in my cities name