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Cooling solution for LCD monitor?

  • Hi so I’m at the last quarter of my first MM build and I’m using the screen from my old laptop. Everything is working great, but I do have a concern about how hot the bottom third of the back of the screen gets after like just half hr of it running MM.
    I have seen nice cooling solutions for the RPi, but is there any cooling solutions for the monitor/screen?

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    @dæmoneyes air circulation, screens gets hot, nothing to do about that, but either you have a mirror frame that has a larger air volume or you make holes, top and bottom, to let air circulate around everything.

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    I’d just run a fan through a couple of extra holes in the frame… Easy – if you get the right voltage, you could just use the pi for powering it.

  • @broberg @BKeyport thanks for the advice guys, I’ll keep that in mind. I actually got a poster frame from Joanns, but I’m going to add 1/2 x 4in boards to sort of make it like a shadow box frame.

    Considering how you guys said heat circulation is the most important, I’m thinking about only adding the boards to the sides, while leaving the top and bottom open so so that air can flow through the inside.
    I’m putting it in a location in my room that doesn’t get hit by sunlight directly so hopefully this will work out. If it doesn’t then I’ll complete the box framing and add a fan to the top board to help hot air circulate out better.

    So I don’t need to put heat sinks on the back of the screen right? I’ve been wondering why no one does that, so I’m guessing there must be a reason.

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    I drilled holes at the top of mine to allow the heat to rise and flow out…it seems to be working.

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    Most screens are designed with plenty of holes in the case to allow ambient heat to flow out. There’s really not that many screens that get hot enough to warrant heat control other than passive (holes).

  • @bkeyport But you’re referring to monitor screens right?
    I’m re-purposing my LCD screen from an old laptop. so there really isn’t a case for it.

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    @bkeyport yes they are but some of have taken the case apart so that’s no longer a problem 😉

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    Same situation, tho… If the heat was a problem before, it would have been handled. 🙂

  • Hi all… I am building magic mirror and i am using cooling fans from computer cpu to circulate air, keep it cool… Powered it with a 12v adaptor, another 5v fan powered by mobile phone charger, etc… So i have multiple ad/dc Power adaptors, for Rpi, fan, another fan etc… Search amazon for different types of fans… Also the heatsink from computer is useful… Or get something like a net made of aluminium…

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