@jordanargueta said in Developing for MagicMirror....Where do I start?:

What is your tech stack for developing for this project?

Experiences about HTML, CSS, Javascript(Or NodeJS), *nix

Whats the proper way to make new modules?

Copy other’s module and research it how it works.


If you use webstorm how did you get this project to run on your local? (Please answer this like I’m tech illiterate. I’m obviously missing something so too many details could be a big help!)

I’m not using webstorm. anyway, you should install nodejs on your computer first. Then install MagicMirror like you did on RaspberryPi.
I think *nix machine (Debian/Ubuntu) is good for development, Personally, I develop my modules on Mac OSX. But you can do it on your Windows Powershell.

If you use some other IDE or just use something simpler walk me through your process for creating, running, and testing your new scripts?

Usually I’m using atom or vim, sublimeText and textWrangler. I don’t care whatever IDE.
In my case, I begin from creating git Repository with module name. Then clone it to my workspace (under MM directory where is installed on your dev-machine). Copy some template files from my previous work or You can use https://github.com/roramirez/MagicMirror-Module-Template

Or just create file named with MMM-BlahBlah.js.
Then doing coding, testing, making manual, then updating git repository. Then release here.