Thank to propose your help to translate. I have ordered a mirror 41.1x71.3 and I took a RPI4 and a microphone. I planned to use this mirror in my bathroom. I don’t want to place a camera because my guests will not like to be recorded in the bathroom. So it will react to voice command and touch. I’m also wondering how to make a frame. For that I will put silicon around the edges to avoid humidity between both the monitor and the mirror. After I will print 3D part to old the monitor and the glass together. The printed part will also extend the width and height to the one of the IR frame. That way I will use silicon to attach the frame to the printed part. That way I will see only the IR frame around the mirror. I hope it will work.
To attach it to the wall I ordered this par.
I’m wondering if it will be strong enough but at least it seems very flat. Otherwise you cna select any system ‘vesa 100x100’