Re: MMM-Hue-Lights - new module for your Philips Hue lights!

I am working with this very nice module. It works fine, but I have an design issue.

I configured to only show the “on” lights. But some lights are not highlighted white as you can see in the picture. “Hal” and “Woonkamer” are dark, but they are switched on just like the rest.

The only difference between these 2 and the others is, these 2 are powered by Hue smarthubs. I don’t know if this makes a difference? They work just the same as the lightbulbs. But you can only switch them on and off. There are no other functions.


I am not sure how I can fix it, so I was hoping anybody could help me out?

thanks in advance

** EDIT: I posted this in the wrong forum… I am very sorry. Could a moderator be so kind to replace this topic to the right forum? 😳