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MMM-ModuleScheduler, how to hide it ?

  • Hello, very happy with MMM-ModuleScheduler and the supporting MMM-Remote-Control. Almost all working fine.

    It’s just that I can be a bit of a stickler for detail. Both modules allow me to show and hide modules manually or set by some time schedule except … MMM-ModuleScheduler itself. I just don’t appear to be able to hide the module on the screen.

    Have been trying a number of things including manual control via MMM-Remote-Control (works fine), copying schedule from another module on the display that are know to respond correctly to MMM-ModuleScheduler (fails), add a header to to module (works fine).

    So at the moment my mirror shows MMM-ModuleScheduler, module_9_MMM-ModuleScheduler in the bottom_left section of the screen.

    The fact I can manually hide the MMM-ModuleScheduler using MMM-Remote-Control means it must be possible, but how ?

    Anyone out there that can point me in the direction as to how to hide this module on the screen ?


  • Moderator

    @Clogs Remove the position: bottom_left (or wherever it is) entry from the config section for your MMM-ModuleScheduler? Alternatively if you already have the Remote Control installed, you can save hide the module, and then save the config. The module will then be hidden directly after startup.

    Full disclosure: I am the main author of the MMM-Remote-Control.

  • @Jopyth, thank you for the reply. Like to keep it simple. Removed position: and schedule elements from my config entry for your MMM-ModuleScheduler module. and all working fine now.

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