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Lighted Bathroom MM

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    I wanted to share my MagicMirror build experiences! I’ve built a smaller one last year (Photos at the bottom) just to see how it worked in anticipation of making a larger bathroom MM.

    So first a huge thank you to @MichMich for making MM2 and to all the generous people making the modules and supporting them on the forums. You guys are awesome!

    MMM-MyCalendar with iCloud sync via vdirsyncer
    mmm-suncalc with this [“hack”]
    MMM-MyGarbage (Shows up 2 days before pickup)

    Shows up after 11pm while everything else is hidden:

    And only on my original MM2:

    2_1557330927749_IMG_2423 (1).jpg 1_1557330927749_IMG_2422.jpg 0_1557330927749_IMG_2421.jpg

    Below are a few photos before it was all put together and finished on the wall. It’s unfortunately not perfect. I learned a lot and if I could do it again, it would be better. I was inspired by this mirror (non-smart) and with hindsight it may have been a bit too ambitious. I struggled with the mastic/silicon and some areas didn’t all get covered when the mirror was pressed on the frame, and in other areas mastic spilled over making a mess. I only had one shot at it and a lot of things came up that I didn’t know would happen. In addition the frosted part was more translucent than I thought, and so you can see all the imperfections, at least I can see them (and will always see them). So I may cover it with a white vinyl strip to even things out. At the end I am still overall happy with it!


    It’s 45in x 30in. The mirror came from it’s a regular 2-way. The ‘smart’ version was too expensive. I used the smart version for my smaller first mirror. I actually prefer the regular version as it’s less transparent.

    The frame is 2in thick red oak. I planned all the parts and ordered my wood from: I don’t have the tools to do precise cuts so it was perfect for me. Highly recommend them!

    There is a color Hue Strip light inside, Hue switch and motion sensor in the bathroom. Switch to turn on the mirror light. Motion sensor to night-light it automatically at night (HomeKit). I also use HomeKit to automatically turn off the screen at night and when no one is home. (MMM-RemoteControl + Home Assistant + HomeBridge) It turns back on when the first person arrives home.

    I have a switch on the frame to reboot/shutdown the RPI and I also added a USB port in case I need to hookup a keyboard and the SD card is in an extension glued to the side of frame no one can see 🙂 that way I don’t need to take it off the wall in case something goes wrong. It’s heavy!
    (Yes it’s a mess but it’s under where no one can see!)

    Things I would do differently:
    Have the frame 1in away from the frosted border and paint that space black between the mastic and the frosted border. I had it exactly where the frosted border is and that was the biggest mistake.
    Put the mastic on the frame and spread it evenly before putting the mirror on it.
    Apply a frosted film on the inside on top of the sand blasted area to make it more opaque/diffuse.

    And here is my first one from last summer, I re-used an existing mirror with metal frame, just replaced the glass and added the frame:
    1_1557331250436_IMG_2425.jpg 0_1557331250436_IMG_1569.jpg

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    You did a splendid job! 👍

    I like that you have MMM-Lunartic appear at night. 🙂

  • Does steam not get to the back of it? If you could defuse the led spots it would look even more amazing 😉 great job i like, couldn’t do that on mine as it weighs a ton already lol

  • @frogywill very well done there!

    I too found sooo many things I could do (better) with my smart mirror, but unfortunately once it is done it is done… 😣

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    @Mykle1 Thanks for making it!

    @dazza120 No, steam issue so far. It crashed the first day but only because I taped the RPI to the back of the screen so it got too hot. Fixed now! I am considering my options. Vinyl tape outside, “frost” spray inside.

    @Cr4z33 Thanks! There is always a possibility for version 2.0 someday.

  • @frogywill can you not just get a frost cover for the LED strip? Yeah I put a fan on mine and used the usb power from the TV so only when the TV’s on the fan will work