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Complete Noob, with perseverance

  • Hey Folks,
    First off, huge respect to you lot for what you’re doing and all the help i have recieved so far just from reading through your forum and module detail etc. I try to work as much as i can my own way before posting simpleton questions on a forum.
    Respect Ladies & Gentlemen.

    I started about a week n half ago on a magic mirror which i figure would be a wonderful present for my daughter of 7. She is a clever girl and loves tech n stuff.

    I don’t have any particularly problems so far other than personalising it for my daughter but how could i post my config file for a generous people to take a look at at see if anyone can see if anything is obviously wrong.

    I am currently running it through a windows emulator before i purchase the raspberry pi and take on that transition.

    What is socially accepted way for me to paste config file? I guess that’s what youd be wanting to see if you want to entertain me

    Best Regards


  • @JonoGee generally if it runs. Then the config is good. If it does what you want, then the config is good.

    If it does NOT do what you want, then ask away, and we might be able to help, and may ask for snippets of the config for particular modules.

    Color and font are most often done in css files, and won’t show in the config.
    Each module does their own thing I terms of style names, and approaches. So it’s a bunch of work to figure out each module and adjust it.

    I spent 2 hours this morning on a simple change, to set a font size. And the text disappeared. Tried all kinds of things. Then noticed a missing double quote, and voila it was back and working like I thought it should at the beginning…
    But there was no error shown anywhere… Fun times debugging…(not)

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    @JonoGee - If you want to post your configuration, there are just a couple of informal rules:

    1. Use the Markdown features of the board to properly format your config.js and custom.css files. Three backtics before & after the contents of your files is all you need, really.

    2. Remove any API keys or URLs that are specific to you & your family (calendar URLs, for example). Not that we don’t trust each other on here, but you never know who is crawling the forums for nefarious purposes.

  • Thanks for your thoughts.
    It does and it doesnt so far. But i like the thought og changing demand and adaptability. I have concerns about remote changes as my daughter does not live with me. grwoing up and changing interests. for example, right now its space, so thats pretty easy.```
    /* Magic Mirror Config Sample

    var config = {
    port: 8080,
    ipWhitelist: [“”, “::ffff:”, “::1”],

    language: 'en',
    timeFormat: 24,
    units: 'metric',
    modules: [
    		"module": "MMM-Page-Selector",
    		"position": "top_center",
    		"config": {
    			"defaultPage": "main",
    			"displayTitle": true,
    			"selectPageNotif": [],
    			"incrementPageNotif": [],
    			"decrementPageNotif": []
    		"module": "MMM-page-indicator",
    		"position": "bottom_center",
    		"pages": {"all": "bottom_bar"},
                module: "MMM-EARTH",
                position: "bottom_center",
                "pages": {"Main": "middle_center"},
                config: {
                mode: "Natural",
                rotateInterval: 10000,
    	animationSpeed: "2000",
                MaxWidth: "25%",
                MaxHeight: "25%",


    module: ‘MMM-ISS-Live’,
    “pages”: {“Calendar”: “middle_center”},
    config: {
    useHeader: true,
    header: “ISS Live Feed”,
    animationSpeed: 1000,
    module: ‘alert’,
    module: “updatenotification”,
    position: “top_bar”
    module: ‘clock’,
    “pages”: {“Main”: “top_left”, “Calendar”: “top_left”},
    config: {
    showWeek: “True”,
    displayType: “digital”,
    secondsColor: “#FF00FF”,
    module: “calendar”,
    header: “Ella’s Calendar”,
    “pages”: {“Calendar”: “top_right”},
    config: {
    fetchInterval: 1000 * 60 * 1,
    showLocation: “True”,
    timeFormat: “absolute”,
    getRelative: 1,
    urgency: 10,
    maxTitleLength: 25,
    wrapEvents: true,
    fadePoint: “0.6”,
    dateFormat: “ddd D/MMM”,
    maximumEntries: 10,
    getRelative: 168,
    showend: true,
    calendars: [
    symbol: “calendar-check”,
    name: “Bank Holidays”,
    maximumEntries: “4”,
    url: “”,
    url: “”,

            module: 'MMM-GoogleTasks',
            header: "Google Tasks",
            "pages": {"Calendar": "bottom_left"},
            config: {
    	maxResults: "20",
    	showCompleted: "True",
    	dateFormat: "Do MMM YYYY",
    	tableClass: "small",
                listID: "MTIzODYyMTUxMjE4NzU1MTkxNjQ6MDow",
    		module: 'compliments',
    		"pages": {"Main": "bottom_bar"},
    		config: {
    compliments: {
    	rain: [
    		"Might need an Umbrella Today Ella",
    		"Going to Rain Today Ella"
    	cloudy: [
    		"Looks like its gonna be Cloudy today Ella",
    		"Not Sun Tan cream needed today Angel. x"
    	anytime: [
    		"Mummy & Daddy Love You"
    	morning: [
    		"Ella, Good morning, beautiful!",
    		"Ella, Have a great day. xx",
    		"Ella, How was your sleep?"
    	afternoon: [
    		"Ella, How you doing Gorgeous?",
    		"How was your day at School Ella?",
    		"Ella, I Love you, Daddy"
    	evening: [
    		"Ella, Good evening Princess",
    		"Ella, Are you ready for Bed?",
    		"Goodnight Ella, Sweet Dreams!"

    module: ‘currentweather’,
    “pages”: {“Main”: “bottom_right”},
    config: {
    showWindDirectionAsArrow: “True”,
    showHumidity: “True”,
    showIndoorTemperature: “True”,
    location: ‘New York’,
    locationID: ‘2638324’, //ID from
    appid: ‘5e7cd5414ae72f15fb9f07d9b1580dbc’
    module: “weatherforecast”,
    “pages”: {“Main”: “bottom_right”},
    header: “Weather Forecast”,
    config: {
    colored: “True”,
    maxNumberOfDays: “10”,
    location: “Scunthorpe, UK”,
    locationID: “2638324”, //ID from
    appid: “5e7cd5414ae72f15fb9f07d9b1580dbc”

    		module: 'newsfeed',
    		"pages": {"Main": "top_bar"},
    		config: {
    			feeds: [
    					title: "Ella's Newsround Update",
    					url: ""
    			showSourceTitle: true,
    			showPublishDate: true

    module: ‘MMM-PushBulletNotifications’,
    header: ‘Notifications’,
    “pages”: {“Main”: “bottom_left”}, // This can be any of the regions.
    config: {
    // See ‘Configuration options’ for more information.
    accessToken: “o.xOkQ12VhFQolMYXvxjJDWCB1jvKs5iIn”, //PushBullet API Access Token //PushBullet API Access Token. This Access Token can be created in your PushBullet account under [settings](https: This value is REQUIRED
    numberOfNotifications: 3, //Integer value, the number of notifications to show on the Magic Mirror. This includes pushes and ephemerals (mirrored notifications and SMS) Example: 5 Default value: 3 This value is OPTIONAL
    filterTargetDeviceName: “”, //String value, only show pushes that are send to this PushBullet device. Example: Magic Mirror Default value: empty string This value is OPTIONAL
    showPushesSentToAllDevices: true, //Boolean value, show pushes to all devices in PushBullet (=true). This option is only used if the option ‘filterTargetDeviceName’ is filled in. Possible values: true or false Default value: true This value is OPTIONAL
    onlyAllowCommandsFromSourceDevices: [], //Array value containing strings. If this array is empty commands (=pushes start with mm:) from every device is allowed. Each string should be the nickname of a PushBullet device. To get a list of devices from the API run the curl command: curl --header 'Access-Token: ’ Commands should be prefixed with ‘mm:’. A list of command currently supported. mm:shutdown mm:hide all modules mm:hide module: mm:show all modules mm:show module: mm:display off mm:display on mm:play sound mm:say:Hello World (this requires that the MMM-TTS is installed) Example: [‘MY-PC’, ‘My iPhone’] Default value: empty array [] This value is OPTIONAL
    fetchLimitPushBullet: 50,
    showPushes: true,
    showPushesOnLoad: true,
    showDismissedPushes: true,
    showMirroredNotifications: true,
    onlyShowLastNotificationFromApplication: false,
    showIndividualNotifications: false,
    showSMS: true,
    showMessage: true,
    showIcons: true,
    showDateTime: true,
    localesDateTime: ‘nl-NL’,
    playSoundOnNotificationReceived: true,
    soundFile: ‘modules/MMM-PushBulletNotifications/sounds/new-message.mp3’,
    maxMsgCharacters: 50,
    maxHeaderCharacters: 32,
    showModuleIfNoNotifications: true,
    noNotificationsMessage: “No new notifications”,
    debugMode: false,
    “module”: “MMM-Cursor”,
    //module: ‘MMM-SystemStats’,
    //“pages”: {“Ella’s System Performance”: “top_right”}, // This can be any of the regions.
    // classes: ‘small dimmed’, // Add your own styling. OPTIONAL.
    // header: ‘Ella’s System Stats’, // Set the header text OPTIONAL
    //config: {
    // updateInterval: 10000, // every 10 seconds
    // align: ‘right’, // align labels
    // //header: ‘Ella’s System Stats’, // This is optional
    // units: ‘metric’, // default, metric, imperial
    // view: ‘textAndIcon’,
    // module: ‘MMM-NetworkConnection’,
    // “pages”: {“Ella’s System Performance”: “bottom_left”},
    //config: {
    // module: ‘MMM-WatchDog’,
    // config: {
    // // See ‘Configuration options’ for more information.
    // }



    /*************** DO NOT EDIT THE LINE BELOW ***************/
    if (typeof module !== ‘undefined’) {module.exports = config;}

  • markdown chars (3 backticks) have to be on their own line. else things get messy

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