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Atomic Pi

  • Hi all,

    I am surprised nobody is talking about the Atomic Pi yet.
    It’s a x86 SBC that cost around the same as a Raspberry Pi but instead comes with 16GB eMMC storage, 2GB of RAM and an Intel Atom CPU, and USB3. You can find it here.

    I ordered mine last week when it was only $35 (now ~$39, they are popular, prices will probably go up a bit more) and I received it yesterday in Germany. Including shipping and import fees I paid something around 43€.

    They are in and out of stock all the time but right now they’re in stock. Don’t wait too long to place an order…

    Before I try MM on it I’ll probably play around a bit using different OS, especially Windows 10.

    I thought this could be of interest for some users. I know there’re always plenty of people looking for a more performant SBC and this could be it.

  • @MadScientist cheers I’m gonna wait for the next Pi hopefully the nic is not limited and the ram is a lot more and fast CPU won’t go a miss🤞🏾

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    @MadScientist - Interesting. Let us know how it works for you.

    I’m using a FriendlyElectric NanoPC T4 at the moment. I’m still testing it to make sure it can handle OpenGL hardware acceleration. It’s significantly more expensive than your solution though.

    If the Atomic Pi can handle Ubuntu 16, then it might be a worthy alternative.

  • I didn’t have too much time playing with it software wise. I was doing some soldering to extend the number of USB ports and to power the thing. However, I have successfully installed Linux Mint and it is running smooth. Ubuntu should run well, too.

    Maybe I’ll try installing MM tomorrow and report back but I can’t promise to find the time for it. Also, I am not really a programmer (at all!) so I’ll stay away from the GPIO pins for now (until I can copy what others have done 😜 ).

    My summary so far: it does have some flaws and quirks but for the price it is amazing.

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    @MadScientist How is it powered? microUSB or 3mm jack or what?

  • It’s powered with 5V via the GPIO pins. I soldered a barrel jack to a pin header to power the Atomic Pi. This is one of the flaws and quirks… They do sell different breakout boards but they weren’t available when I ordered my Pi.

  • Ok, ust for fun I installed MM an the Atomic Pi and the installation went through without a problem. MM runs pretty smooth, although I haven’t installed any demanding modules.

    I also installed windows 10 on an external SSD, connected via the USB 3.0 port. It works and runs okay but I hoped it would feel a bit faster. Not sure if the USB drive is to blame or the CPU. I’d like to test a slimmed down LTSB version but I couldn’t get my hands on an iso 🙁

    I have no experiences with any offline speech recognition modules but I’ll get into it in July. I won’t really have the time to play around with it at the moment.

    Any other modules I should try?

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    @MadScientist Give MMM-Globe a try to give it a workout.

  • This post is deleted!

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