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Beginner mistakes

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    Hi Guys

    I’ve certainly made a classic beginnings mistake. At the weekend I have provided my MagicMirror with the latest update. But before I git pull in the console typed.

    Did I type in a git reset hard. Everything as good. When I then restarted the mirror, I noticed that the symbols and the general presentation is different. Then I went to custom.css and saw it all away.

    Looking closer, I have noticed that all the additional compliments in the module compliments are gone. Only then did I realize what I did with the git reset.

    My question is, can I somehow retrieve the lost files? Unfortunately, I did not create a backup before.

  • @CyruS1337 said in Beginner mistakes:

    My question is, can I somehow retrieve the lost files? Unfortunately, I did not create a backup before

    sadly I do not think so… reset forces them back to the repo version, and overlays the working copy.

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    @sdetweil That’s what I thought. Pity 😞
    But you learn from the mistakes, even if this is unattractive.

    Thank you for your answer

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    @CyruS1337 - The Magic Mirror upgrade process is designed to avoid overwriting your customized configuration settings. In practice, that means that config.js and custom.css files are not overwritten with an update. Any changes you make to those files should persist from one major update to the next. That said… Jesus saves. And he backs up on removable media.

    Your compliments module external file should still be in the operating system. You just need to find it and configure the config file to point to it.

  • @bhepler there is an ongoing problem w custom.css being overwritten.

    My new upgrade script saves and restores

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    @bhepler Let’s say this file still exists somewhere. Where should I start looking?

  • @CyruS1337 if u remember the file name

    find / -name filename 2>/dev/null

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    Thank you for your renewed help. You are just great.

    I could solve my problem otherwise. I as a clever fox, downloaded the file 2 weeks ago on my computer. So I still had all the compliments and could overwrite the file with the current file 😊

    I still have a question for you, but you can certainly help me with this. The question does not fit in here, but I’ll put it to you anyway. Before the hard reset, I changed the costum.css so that the modules were really in each corner of the monitors. So the display on the monitor optimally exploited before the module disappeared behind the edge of the monitor. Unfortunately I do not know the attitude anymore.

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