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  • Hi,

    anybody else had the idea of a web radio player? I think it’s interesting to use this player for example in the bathroom. Because of the fact, that we doesn’t directly interact with the mirror, i think its a list of 5 preffered url’s. The default url will play music in combination with an pir sensor. If they detect a motion, it will play music. After X seconds they stop playing.

    To change the url to another favorites, the Voice modules can be use? For example, keyword “Magic mirror”, “Change radiostation” or “volume up and volume down”. Another idea is the RemoteControl module, but i think a little bit smarter is the voice.

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    Or use the button module and add physical buttons to the side of the mirror.

    Maybe it could work with the mm music player if it gets m3u support

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    Add touch screen to it and that’ll make it work 😉

  • I dont want to get a touchscreen and clean every 5 minutes the mirror 🙂

    The button module is a nice idea, but the control is the second step. The first step is a module to listen to web radios. I think the music player module is not the right module, because they must be mp3 files in the folder and not the url or m3u files…

  • Hi at all .-)

    At @MagicMirrorPi some weeks ago i posted some questins about a web radio player. But there was now usable method. So I am not a coder, but I create my own simple module. At my mirror its possible to play two diffrent radio stations (you can add more) and the best you can control it by your voice. At the moment you can say your own word for radio station one and your own word to play radio station two. And you can say your own word to stop radio. At the moment I haven´t got any time but maybe later today I will post and describe my way. BUT you should have in your mind I am not a code Its a simple code (create by try and error by be) to do what I want 🙂

    Oh i Forgott, I use the module by @alexyak called Voicecontrol and the hotword detection.

    Fotr local Music I use the simple Musicplayer module by @EoF and a bit of code by @tyho to controll by voice, too

  • Thats sounds good 🙂
    Do you want to make a module of this Code? 🙂

  • I have make a module for myself, to play that I describe. And I can post it later,this is no Problem. But like I say I am not a coder and have create it by try and error so every coder here will put the handy on there head. 😃

  • I think it’s not a Problem. The idea of your module is important and maybe a programmer will update this solution 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

  • @MagicMirrorPi I have send you a lot of notification which describe my module.

    Later today or maybe in the next day I will post a Link to github and my used files, too.

    But this is all new for me. 😃

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    I have an FM hat for the pi and would LOVE to be able to put a radio in the mirror!! Mine is in the bathroom so listening to morning news and such would be great! 🙂

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