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  • Just wanted to say thanks to everyone. This is an awesome project that even a n00b like me can do (with your help of course). I got the basic set up programming mostly done for my first one, and i’m now looking at experimenting with it. But you all made it so easy with the open source download, and of course how quick you all are to respond on the forums. I’m sure I’ll have more questions, which means I’ll live on these forums for a while.

    I’m wanting to get into programming, and even though i’m not programming on this project (just following your all’s great directions), i’m really enjoying the possibilities.

    I’m looking into doing the Software development program at WGU, and i’m learning on Udemy to take the MTA network cert, to give me experience for the school. In all honesty the few things I’ve picked up from here, have already helped me learn more than a networking cert feels like it will teach me about Software Development.

    I’m hoping to be able to give back one day, by creating a couple mods or donate (when i get out of a dead end job). But that’s down the road, and i’ll always remember creating my very first “Tech” project.

    Right now, i’m working on my first mirror. it’s at the very basic stage, but i’m hoping to incorporate the photo slide show on it (so it looks like a picture frame in our living room). This is far down the road, but i’m wanting to install a wireless camera (or even the ring doorbell) on our front door, and hopefully somehow incorporate it into showing on the mirror when someone is there. We live in a split foyer home, and it’d be very handy to have this extra security.

    Eventually, it’d like to make other mirrors for the rest of the family. I know my daughter would love a mirror with the Pokemon module, and my girlfriends son would enjoy the Fortnite, Apex Legends, & Overwatch mods. Also I’d like to make one for my bathroom, as i’m about to remodel it, and I think it’d be awesome to have one there.

    The work done by everyone is awesome. The amount of mods is so incredible, and there is so many, it’s almost over whelming. I’ll continue to look through everything and try to answer my own questions before bothering you all, but your all’s help is already appreciated it, and I really just wanted to show my appreciation and make sure you all know how much something like this means to other people.

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    You sir, are awesome! 👍

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