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PM2 MM2 Not starting on start up

  • Ok so i got everything set up installed pm2. I am able to start pm2 and also MM “pm2 start” load fine but when i reboot the raspberry pi 3 it doesn’t load in to MM it loads in to NOOB. Not sure what i did wrong.

    The one thing i had a problem with is when starting MM through pm2 your supposed to exit it and save settings. Problem was i didnt know how to exit so i rebooted rpi. So my question here is also how do you exit MM? 😞

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    @eugekiller Did you save the pm2 state after you got MM started? pm2 save

    Pro tip: you can tell pm2 to save state via ssh terminal from another machine. Otherwise, I found that if you’re working directly on the mirror itself, you can hit the windows key on your keyboard. That will pop up the menu on top of the mirror display and you can then navigate to open a terminal.

    The trouble with exiting the MM process in order to save the pm2 state is that without the MM process running, it will save state… without the process running.

  • Ok so i figured out how to exit out of MM. But its still not starting after reboot. Can anyone help me or is there anything i can try to do.

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    @eugekiller When you say “loads into NOOB”, I presume you mean that it gives you a command line interface that looks like this: pi@RaspMirror:~ $ instead of starting your mirror?

    If that is correct, I believe you need to configure your Pi to start the graphical interface. From the command line, run the configuration program: sudo raspi-config. Navigate to the boot options and tell it to boot to the Desktop Autologin option. When you hit OK enough times, it will ask you to reboot. Do so and report back.

  • Noobs is the PI noobs interface almost like a windows ( From there i can select terminal and then i get the pi@raspMirror:~ $. PM2 seems to work and is linked because when i type pm2 start it does load MM. So I assume that PM2 is linked with MM since i can load it through PM2. So for some reason PM2 is just not loading it on start up.

    Ok so i did the config option that you said and still no luck. Is there a way to uninstall PM2 so i can try to reload it again?

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    @eugekiller Sure. sudo npm uninstall -g pm2

    When you installed PM2, did you copy & run the command it displayed for you?

  • Yes it did I will try to uninstall and install it back. Thanks B.

  • Well Just reinstalled PM2 and still nothing. Using this guide not sure if everything is correct on that.

    Is there a way to see if PM2 is even trying to load MM on start up. Or maybe something wrong with this command:
    cd ~/MagicMirror
    DISPLAY=:0 npm start

  • Ok so i also tryed to do pm2 lists and there is nothing in the list. Does that mean anything?

  • Ok so i started doing some more digging. First i have a question PM2 does it actually load MM from a full reboot? meaning power off to RPI and a full start.

    The reason i ask is because
    When i open terminal in RPI and type npm start from MM directory it loads MM without any problems. Then i hit Ctrl Q it quits.
    Then i do PM2 list and gives me 0 apps running.
    Then I do pm2 start again loads MM without a problem. Then i hit Ctrl Q it exits MM for about 10sec and then loads it back. During the 10sec I did pm2 list again and it said MM is running.

    So I dont think PM2 is actually loading MM from a full reboot.

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