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First Magic Mirror (NL) on 32" Sony Bravia

  • Hi all,

    Saw the MM2 project back in 2017 and was straight away an enthusiast. My girlfriend thought it was a cool project to, but it had to be a large one. So our family could enjoy it while sitting at breakfast and could use it for checking hair and make-up before going out. For myself the news and agenda was the most important thing and it needed to blend in the interior.

    At first, i bought a second hand 32" Sony Bravia for 50 euros only. Quickly installed Raspbian and the MM2 on a RPi 3B+. Connected so i could see how it looked on the screen and boy, that was awesome!

    alt text

    Then i ripped the tv apart which was a bit stressfull due to the size. Cable managment therefor was quite easy due to the space.

    Some tricky woodwork. With a table saw i made this. Finished with a layer of ‘old oak’.

    alt text

    The mirror completed (with the two way mirror glass) in the workshop

    alt text


    alt text

    Modules i used:

    • “clock”
    • “MMM-CalendarWeek”
      (added 3 calenders, work1(chalkboard_teacher), work2(user_tie), and our family calendar (heart)
    • “MMM-DarkSkyForecast”
      (icon set to 1c, and no hourly forecast)
    • “newsfeed”

    Curious about what you guys here think of it!

  • Looks like a great build. I was able to get a 40” Samsung for that price as well. I’ve got all the modules I need for the moment setup, but purchasing the two way glass is going to have to wait for the size. It’s expensive. I’m about to start the year down of the tv and build out the frame. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    @neleev said in First Magic Mirror (NL) on 32" Sony Bravia:

    Curious about what you guys here think of it!

    I think it would be perfect if it had one of my modules on it. 😉

    Looks great! 👍

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