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First Magic Mirror (NL) on 32" Sony Bravia

  • Hi all,

    Saw the MM2 project back in 2017 and was straight away an enthusiast. My girlfriend thought it was a cool project to, but it had to be a large one. So our family could enjoy it while sitting at breakfast and could use it for checking hair and make-up before going out. For myself the news and agenda was the most important thing and it needed to blend in the interior.

    At first, i bought a second hand 32" Sony Bravia for 50 euros only. Quickly installed Raspbian and the MM2 on a RPi 3B+. Connected so i could see how it looked on the screen and boy, that was awesome!

    alt text

    Then i ripped the tv apart which was a bit stressfull due to the size. Cable managment therefor was quite easy due to the space.

    Some tricky woodwork. With a table saw i made this. Finished with a layer of ‘old oak’.

    alt text

    The mirror completed (with the two way mirror glass) in the workshop

    alt text


    alt text

    Modules i used:

    • “clock”
    • “MMM-CalendarWeek”
      (added 3 calenders, work1(chalkboard_teacher), work2(user_tie), and our family calendar (heart)
    • “MMM-DarkSkyForecast”
      (icon set to 1c, and no hourly forecast)
    • “newsfeed”

    Curious about what you guys here think of it!