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I would love to show the finished mirror, but I'm waiting for the glass :-) This is the project so far...

  • So far the frame is built, with the monitor mounted (19" LG). It has a 12V PSU, with a buckconverter for the RPi3, and a USB hub for the USB soundcard (and also gives the possibility of adding a USB keyboard to it without twisting fingers.
    The reason for the 12V PSU is that I’m awaiting delivery of my 2x10W speakers, and a stereo 15" amplifier that will be added to the mirror as well.

  • @fribse nice!

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    Let’s see your display without the glass. Well done on the construction. 🙂

  • Ok, not that interesting when there is no glass I guess.
    i have a schedule set up, so different modules are turned off. At this time of day (evening) the weatherforecase, the news and the clock is turned off…

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    Cool. I’m always interested in the layout that people use.

    If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right. 👍

  • So I got the speakers and the amplifier, and they are mounted now.
    Found a nice cup drill that fitted the speaker perfectly, so just had to chisel out a little bit for the connector.
    I still need some small black screws to fasten the speakers, then I’m going to paint the frame black, and find some mesh to cover the speakers. I also need to get a small mount printed for the amplifier, and a rod-extender for the potentionometer.
    Speakers are full tone 10W with neodymium magnets.
    The amplifier is a 15W digital amplifier

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  • So, things are shaping up, I’ve gotten the mirror rebuilt, I had to swap the monitor, it was getting too hot.
    The new one is much cooler.
    I also got the lights mounted, it’s a mixture of fun and serious, it will give light for usage, but it’s also RGB, so it can do effects if we want to 🙂
    This image shows the lights turned to it’s lowest (apart from being off, of course. The foil is still on, until I get the mirror properly fixed to the frame, it has the foil on.

  • So it’s assembled, just need to protect the wood from moisture.

    The ‘behind the mirror’ lights are working nicely, it’s based on WLED, the LED’s inside are SK6812, so it has very nice white, as well as RGB.
    And then I off course need to polish the mirror 🙂
    It’s going to be set up before halloween, and I already have videos of ghosts ready and tested 😉

  • While recovering from Covid-19, I just wanted to post an image of the mirror in it’s place.
    Still waiting for some extra light in the bathroom, as the tinted mirror makes it rather dark to look at.
    The light strips in the mirror works quite well.
    I still need to buff up the mirror 😃
    But I like that the mirror is hanging only by the small hinges, so it kind of floats on the wall.
    I’ve set it to turn on the monitor together with the powerfull light above the mirror, so the light from the monitor will not be that visible.


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