dead SD-card every aprox. 6 months

  • hi all
    what do u do use for store MM? I’ve tried USB and it was slow. I’ve bought about 5 different micro SD cards (Kingston, …) but after 3-8 months, when I did restart, the RPi doesn’t start at all. Some “error” with mounting or something (fatal error…). For me the only solution was reinstall (recovery, reinstall Jessie and reinstall MM). What’s wrong? Too many access to SD card and cause fo that damage?
    Any recommendation?


  • Had that happen just last week, did a backup of the card using win32diskimager after it was restored.

    I’m looking at setting up a read-only os to play around with and configure myself…

  • I have one system (physical location.) that eats sd cards too Pi or odroid hardware doesn’t matter…
    haven’t figured out the cause yet

  • I use the cheapest SSD I could get for my Pi at that time. It’s running non-stop for 2 years without any issues. You can get 120GB SSD’s for less than 20€. A SATA-USB adapter costs around 2€ from China. Maybe that’s an option for you.
    SD cards are not designed to be permanently written to. They wear out too fast.

  • @MadScientist thx, sounds great, i’ll try that

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    Hi Zdeněk,
    SD cards have limited write cycles so it’s just a question of time when your pi will not start.

    To increase their life, all manufactures have implemented an internal algorithm which uses different physical sectors when writing data to the SD-Card, see wear leveling.

    You can help your hardware if you “oversize” the SD-Card, avoid ram discs and swap partitions.
    I am using a 16GB SD-Card even though just 4GB is used by the system. It’s running now for more than 4 years without any trouble.

    Brgds, Michael…

  • @marvin424 that’s really weird. I’m also using 16 cards, in both my mirrors (one is for testing) a in both I’ve had to replace card in about 6 months max. Maybe I’m using to many modules, maybe there is al lot of writes on card… I’ll try SSD