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    [2.10.0] - 2020-01-01

    Special thanks to @sdetweil for all his great contributions!

    ℹNote: This update uses new dependencies. Please update using the following command: git pull && npm install.


    • Timestamps in log output.
    • Padding in dateheader mode of the calendar module.
    • New upgrade script to help users consume regular updates installers/
    • New script to help setup pm2, without install installers/


    • Updated lower bound of lodash and helmet dependencies for security patches.
    • Updated compliments.js to handle newline in text, as textfields to not interpolate contents.
    • Updated installer script to handle new platform issues, split node/npm, pm2, and screen saver changes.
    • Improve handling for armv6l devices, where electron support has gone away, add optional serveronly config option.
    • Improved to handle for serveronly mode, by choice, or when electron not available.
    • Only check for xwindows running if not on macOS.


    • Fixed issue in weatherforecast module where predicted amount of rain was not using the decimal symbol specified in config.js.
    • Module header now updates correctly, if a module need to dynamically show/hide its header based on a condition.
    • Fix handling of config.js for serverOnly mode commented out.
    • Fixed issue in calendar module where the debug script didn’t work correctly with authentication.
    • Fixed issue that some full day events were not correctly recognized as such.
    • Display full day events lasting multiple days as happening today instead of some days ago if they are still ongoing.

  • @MichMich please use the new update script. Not just pull, see the new update instructions

    see here
    official version has a bug, testing fix, hopefully hotifx

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