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Frameless Bathroom Mirror - Part 1: Software and Preparations

  • Edit: the glass has arrived, pls find details and pictures on the actual build here in part 2:

    I hope you guys don’t mind, I only got screengrabs so far. Here are the pics:

    Materials used:
    80x110cm metal frame from my current bathroom mirror
    4mm Pilkington Mirropane from
    Raspberry 2
    Benq 24" monitor
    DollaTek microwave sensor (as PIR replacement to work behind the glass)

    Modules used:

    I have done a bit fiddling and playing around with some modules settings, hope it’s ok to share a bit of my journey 😉

    For the calendars, I have created a family google-calendar, which I have made accessable to the family members. Every member can add events to this calendar, and they are then displayed in this first instance of the calendar module. The rest are 3 more instances for myself and the other family members (excluding my teenage daughter who doesn’t want to share her calender for whatever reason…)

    For the GoogleFit modules, I have created 4 instances for all family members, bought a bluetooth scale, connected it up to each mobile (except for my wife who doesn’t want to show the weight for whatever reason…) and linked each instance to each google accounts. I modified the colors of the steps-rings (which display the percentage of the reached goal) to match each family member’s color.

    For the WienerLinien module (public transport of Vienna), it turned out that the width was constantly changing depending on the name of the destination, taking with it the widths of the other modules on the right side. So I found the option to create a custom.css, where I set a fixed width (which is very likely very clear for the most of you, it did take me a bit searching though - I hadn’t registered to this nice forum at that time yet)

    I’m a bit proud of the next module to be honest. I used the iFrameReload module to display a google maps frame showing the way from my home to my current workplace. It refreshes every 10 minutes and shows how long it currently takes me to get there by car (at the time of the screengrab it was 11 min.). To have it appear in a matching style I used filter:greyscale 100% plus invert 100% within the js of the module. This way I managed a quite decent google display without the need of an API key.

    The rest is pretty standard. The screencast is showing a youtube video on the second screengrab.
    Thanks for taking the time to read, very looking forward for the glass so I can hopefully soon show you the real thing!

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  • hi. wie hast du die deutschen news da rein bekommen?

    ich scheiter da immer.

  • Project Sponsor

    @samson_82 Hallo, du brauchst doch nur die (RSS feeds) von von Deutschen Nachrichten in die config einfügen.
    Ich kann dir auch mal meine config von den Nachrichten schicken…wenn es bei dir nicht klappt.

  • @samson_82 Hi, ja, wie auch @Stoffbeuteluwe geschrieben hat, du brauchst nur eine passende url für einen rss feed im config.js eintragen: ich habe diese beiden verwendet:

                 module: "newsfeed",
                 position: "bottom_bar",
                 config: {
                                feeds: [
                                                    title: " - Newsroom",
                                                    url: ""
                                                    title: "",
                                                    url: ""
                             showSourceTitle: true,
                             showPublishDate: true

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    That‘s a really cool sneak preview. I like the maps integration with iFrame and will give it a try on my mirror. Looking forward to seeing the finished build.

  • Danke euch.
    Werds am Freitag mal testen.


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    Is that Postmodern Jukebox in the video?

  • @bhepler yes exactly 🙂
    It is “Life on Mars” - a terrific rendition, I find.

  • @samson_82 did it work? Hat’s geklappt?

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