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Black screen on reboot

  • Hi,

    Some time my mirror his connection is lost.
    when this happens the modul for calendar and wunderlist wont start working when the pi picks up the wiffi again.

    so when that happens i let the mirror reboor on script, but now some time it come’s back with a black sreen. (some other time it works just fine)

    What do’s it mean when it come’s with a black screen? is there a option to let it reboot to on black screen or is there a other solution for this?

    Hope one of you have a good idea 🙂

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    It’s not unusual for modules to not recover after the loss of an internet connection.

    some time it come’s back with a black sreen. (some other time it works just fine)

    It could be that your SD card is failing but that is just a guess.

  • @Mykle1 thanks for the tip```

    ah oke there is something going wrong then with the modules. so if internet fails the modules alway pick up the connection, that can becaused by the config file i suppose.

    oke oke wil try a different SD tonight, the weird thing is that raspbain starts up with no problem every time. Its when the mirror boots up i have chance op black screen.

    Maybe i also need to recreate my config file what you think?

  • @Larshighfive if the pi boots, but u get black screen from MagicMirror, that means some code in some modulename.js is failing.

    When u have the black screen, use ctrl-shift-i to open the developers window, select the console tab and scroll up to see any errors. Usually red text

  • @Larshighfive can u give us an update, are you running now?

  • Yea it is working just fine now, thnx for the tip els i was just on keep trying to fix the error (dont know why he was going to a black screen one module seems to be the issue but it was a rain forcast module could not fix it)
    but did it from screatch over and i think i had to much stuff running on 1 pi at the same time,
    that needed wifi and he’s not on lan just only wifi.

    So got another pi runnen domoticz atm with the cams and some more stuff en the Magic Mirror is running fine for 3 days now 🙂

    Sorry for the delayed awnser and crapy EN
    and thnx for the support 😉

  • @Larshighfive thank you for the update. Glad you have it working

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