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MMM-Stock (issues with 'height' of the module)

  • I’ve implemented this module and it works with an ‘upward scrolling’ ticker. Presently, as implemented with 3 stocks, the ‘height’ of the scrolling is just one line. While hard to describe, basically, my first stock displays nicely and then rolls up and is replaced with the second stock. What I would think the module would do is show 4 or 5 stocks rolling at the same time so you could see more than one at a time. I’m not sure what this portion of the .css file really does and am wondering if this is what I need to change to increase the scrolling real-estate…?

    @keyframes ticker {
    0% {margin-top: 0}
    25% {margin-top: -30px}
    50% {margin-top: -60px}
    75% {margin-top: -90px}
    100% {margin-top: 0}

  • @valid8r Also, anyone have any idea how to get the symbol for the Dow Jones which is “^DJI” to work with this module?

  • @valid8r I seem to have figured out at least part of the solution by setting the parameter "

    .quotes {
    height: 25px;


    .quotes {
    height: 100px;

    While this fixes the number of scrolling ‘rows’ of stocks, the animation is still kind of strange…

  • @valid8r I also don’t understand this code for animation and how it works…

    .quotes ul:hover { animation-play-state: paused }
    .quotes span:hover+ul { animation-play-state: paused }

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @valid8r I’m not familiar with this module, but :hover is a css pseudo-class which will be active when you “hover” mouse over the element. in this case the defined animation will be paused, and will be continued after you leave the element with your mouse, because the hover state will be inactive.

    More about pseudo classes here

  • @valid8r

    Hi, I’ve been trying to use this module but every time it shows me config file error, and in case it starts without any error, i can’t see it in the MagicMirror.
    Can you help me out here? Can you share the code that you’ve used?

  • Project Sponsor

    i try to disable the animation but without success.
    has someone a solution?

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