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Bored during Quarantine

  • Hey guys,
    So i during these times, i am locked inside my house because the situation going on. So i am wondering if you guys have any suggestions as to what i could add to my magic mirror software wise(since i dont have my build done yet). Anything from adding new cool modules to anything else.


  • @sgarg15 man that is an open topic…

    like asking for recommendations for restaurant in New York City without so much as a type of food.

    so, tell us what your idea for the mirror was about. what did u want to accomplish
    where do you intend to put it, who will look at it? etc

  • This was meant to be an open topic but i see your point,
    So basically i wanted a mirror which could display time and the weather but after finding out theres a whole community on this i wanted to take a step further. But i dont know where to start. This mirror will be going in my room and most of the time i will be the only one looking at the mirror.

    currently i am working on getting ultrasonic sensors to work with pages so i can do a sliding motion and switch pages.

    If there are other questions to help me out please post on this forum


  • @sgarg15 you don’t need pages yet. Not enough to switch between

    What else would u display? sports, moon pics, space station, ???

    I display pictures from my local server.
    Some stock prices, the virus info.

    But I do mostly development, so all kinds of different stuff

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    Have you looked at the 3rd party modules page? There’s something for everyone (Just about)

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    If it’s just going to be you looking at it for the most part, I would lean towards modules that display data that updates on a regular basis. So, some suggestions:

    RSS feeds from The Onion, NewsThump, Babylon Bee, Duffel Blog, etc.
    Pics from the space station, solar imagery, etc.
    Word of the Day
    Spotify or other streaming music
    COVID-19 stats
    Fortune / Horoscope / lucky numbers
    Dad Jokes
    XKCD, Dilbert, etc.

    Additionally, this pandemic will be over at some point. You may wish to look for modules that will impress visitors.
    Places I’ve Been


  • @bhepler Yea i am mainly looking for things that would impress, i like the MMM-Globe module and other suggestions that would look really cool on a mirror and that would impress

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    @sgarg15 - The MMM-Globe is visually impressive. As is the one for the moon.

    If your hardware can handle it, look into encom-globe. Visually stunning, but it absolutely overwhelms a RPI 3+. RPI 4 might be able to handle it.

    I played around with MMM-IHaveBeenThere and it is pretty slick. Like the encom globe, it’s a resource hog. But if you turn off the animated airplane it’s not so bad.

  • @bhepler Yea i have a raspberry 2 b+ so i dont think it can handle the ecnom globe module, so could you tell me the one that is like MMM-Globe but for the moon and any other modules that will look really nice and that my raspberry pi will probably be able to handle?

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    @sgarg15 - I would recommend going through @Mykle1’s modules. Dude is a fiend with finding an API and creating a module around it. Just check out the list. Specifically, look at HumanClock, Lunartic and NatureCalendar.

    Beyond that, I suggest that you spend some quality time with the Modules -> Showcase section of the forums here.

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