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MMM-BingRouting - using Bing Maps API for transport

  • Currently I am working on my first module, a transport module. Other modules that I have found made use of the google maps API which is paid as far as I know. Therefore I worked on using the Bing Maps API, this is the result after a half day of work:

    Currently it calculates the route from your home to multiple other addresses by either Walking, Driving or Transit. This can be scheduled to update every x amount of minutes. I still have some plans to visualize the route more detailed, this is just a working prototype. I do not know yet if I will make it public, its my first module so probably poorly coded. I just made it for myself and perhaps some of you can use the idea to make one yourself.

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    Why not using the power of the community to improve the codebase after you published it?

  • Once the basics of this module seem to work alright, I’ll be sure to post it onto the forum. I’ll also create a git for possible further development.

    Current situation:

    All flexibile with 1 home address and multiple destinations.

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