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MM keeps freezing

  • Hi,

    I have 2 MagicMirrors installed. Both are running fine until they freeze. Freezing may happen after 5 minutes, often it happens when I xrdp into the desktop, but this is not a neccessary condition. It may also happen after 6 hours or a day. But it happens. First I thought this was a cooling problem, I set the soft_temp_limit to 70 degrees Celsius and bought cooling cases, temp is around 48-55°C now when running for hours, but it still happens and I have no idea why.

    My setup (2x the same):
    Raspberry Pi 3B+ with 16GB Class 10 microSD-Card in a cooling case
    WLAN Connection (ethernet not available at the MM mounting points)
    Latest Raspbian 10 image.

    Installation of MM with Sam Detweiler’s installation script. pm2 autostart enabled and working, screensaver switched off.

    Active modules:

    • Alert
    • Updatenotification
    • MMM-COVID-19
    • MyCovid19
    • MMM-WeatherOrNot
    • clock
    • calendar
    • MMM-Vrr
    • MMM-PlexNowPlaying
    • MMM-News

    Currently disabled modules (by setting disabled: true in config.js)

    • MMM-AVstock
    • MMM-Rain-Radar

    Each module is working. I have no idea why MM is freezing (and while I am writing this, one of the Mirrors froze again). Can someone walk me through troubleshooting this, it is very annoying.

  • Module Developer

    Does the whole system freeze or just the MM Software?

  • Whole system. So, even a cronjob with sudo reboot every x hours does not help.
    As the Pis came bundles with some noname SD cards, I just ordered 2 new cards to rule out any problems with them.

  • Module Developer

    That would be my first fix.

  • @requiemmg i have started configuring my systems to boot from SD, but RUN from USB disk (SSD is fast an reliable),39782.html

  • Okay, getting back to this. @sdetweil thanks for the tip, I bought a 32gb usb stick and made my Pi3B+ boot from it. Complete new setup of Raspbian Buster. Boots up fine.
    Complete new setup of MM2 with your script, works fine.
    Reinstalled modules and config, works fine.

    Cooling with passive cooling case, Temp not higher than 55°C.

    Setup a reboot cronjob every 6 hours.

    Still, the system keeps freezing. Sometimes after minutes, sometimes after days.

    Only other software installed is the lights-out client (which needs mono). (

    I have no idea on what to look for or what to do to fix this 😞

  • Anyone? 😞 Both mirrors keep freezing… (whole system).

  • Project Sponsor

    @requiemmg - I have some general troubleshooting suggestions, but unfortunately nothing approaching a solution.

    For starters, you can examine the system log at /var/log/syslog which may give you some insight to system-level events. My gut tells me it’s a power problem, but my gut is notoriously bad at debugging.

    Since you have two mirrors, I would back up your config.js file on one and sacrifice it to the troubleshooting effort. Reflash the SD card, format the USB and reinstall Raspbian. Perform a barebones Mirror installation on it using @sdetweil’s script. Do not install anything other than the OS and Magic Mirror framework. Then wait and see if the freeze behavior affects the slicked mirror.

    If the rebuild mirror stays up, start adding things one at a time. I would start with the Lights-Out client as it is unknown to me and I am inherently suspicious of it.

  • Thanks. I have never seen the lightning bolt icon on any of the mirrors displays. I use the USB output of the display controller. Power comes from this and is attached to this display controller:

  • Project Sponsor

    @requiemmg IIRC, the lightning bolt went away with Raspbian Buster.

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