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AmbientWeather call to get swimming pool temp displayed on Mirror

  • I just built a mirror with a portrait 1920x1080 monitor and a Pi 3b. Fun toy, but I had some space left and my kids suggested showing the temperature of our pool.

    So I bought a “WS-50-F007PF” from, which has a floating thermometer, paired with an indoor display that has WiFi and will update with your systems info.

    (note that you can also set up a full weather station, I just want the pool temp)

    After getting the unit on the WiFi (it needs a uniquely named 2.4Ghz network - no 5Ghz “smart sharing”) I set up a login at, added the device and poof, pool data online.

    Using my account at I created a free API key and a app/developer key. Using postman I verified returned json including my pool temp.

    “macAddress”: “DE:AD:E3:12:34:56”,
    “lastData”: {
    “dateutc”: 1588720380000,
    “tempinf”: 74.5,
    “humidityin”: 46,
    “tempf”: 81.3,
    “baromabsin”: 29.97,
    “baromrelin”: 29.86,
    “battout”: 1,
    “feelsLikein”: 73.8,
    “dewPointin”: 52.3,
    “tz”: “America/New_York”,
    “date”: “2020-05-05T23:13:00.000Z”
    “info”: {
    “name”: “Pool”

    where tempf is the field I need.

    I took a look at the available JSON modules and found the unsupported “MMM-json-feed”

    using a config of:

                        module: "MMM-json-feed",
                        position: "bottom_right",
                        config: {
                                urls: [
                                arrayName: "0",
                                title: "Pool Temp",
                                values: ["lastData.tempf"],
                                replaceName: [["tempf",""]],

    It looks great and updates every 5 minutes.

    I also set
    wrapper.className = “bright large”;
    in MMM-json-feed.js to make the temp easy to read.

    just FYI for anyone searching ambientweather in the future.

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  • I guess I should add an image. I have “MMM-json-feed”, “currentweather” and “weatherforecast” all “bottom_right” and they stack nicely.

    IMG_5875 (2).png

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