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What is the 'best' way to install magic mirror?

  • Hello,

    TL:DR I want to know the difference between these three install methods for magic mirror 1. Manual Installation, 2. Automatic Installation Scriptsm, 3. MagicMirrorOS.

    Background information

    I first found out about the magic mirror about 3 years again. Back then I had never used Linux and didn’t have clue what I was doing.

    Over those 3 years I have learnt so much and have come back in the hope that I am now capable enough to be able to complete a magic mirror.

    When I just read the install instructions I see things have changed since I last used magic mirror.

    I see there are now a number of different ways you can install the magic mirror software.

    1). Manual Installation.

    2). Automatic Installation Scripts.

    3). MagicMirrorOS.

    4). Docker Image I’m ruling out docker for the time being as I don’t know how to use it.

    My Question

    What is the difference between installing with these three methods?

    Is there anything I need to be aware of, if I install with any of these methods?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • @1uke_ I maintain the automatic installation scripts. the intent is to cover all the little details you might need to know, depending on the platform u are installing on, I took it over when the old one started failing to work. (I also have little scripts to do the pm2 and screensaver parts if u change your mind later) and a new upgrade script to help with new releases (as the base is changed every 3 months)

    AND give u a tool to start on boot (it is an unattended mirror after all)
    AND turn off the screen saver

    it works on everything but windows so far…

    manual install is for the lucky!.. and YOU have to know the little details that might cause problems…

    I don’t know anything about MagicMirrorOS

  • Module Developer

    I would highly recommend using @sdetweil 's installer scripts, use PM2 for it. It seems to be the most compatible with the most modules.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @1uke_ said in What is the ‘best’ way to install magic mirror?:

    hope that I am now capable enough to be able to complete a magic mirror.

    You are.

    @sdetweil’s installation scripts are the way to go. I use them often AND he’s here to support them.

  • Project Sponsor

    I’ll just throw in another vote for @sdetweil and his scripts. Dude is amazing when it comes to helping people with their mirrors.

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