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Trello list to display like wunderlist module.

  • I’m trying to build a trello module that would show a list like the wunderlist module and the todoist module. Just seeing if anyone out there with expericence would be interested in doing one? I’m am not familiar with the js side of things. I’ve completed one mirror and did get the third-party modules to work and did a custom mirror using them.

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    Build a trello module?

    I suppose the view is not as you expect, but that can be adapted.

    Edit: just saw the other post, have you seen how checklists are displayed in the module? Would this look like you want it? I am the author of the module, and could probably implement this, or you try to do it yourself, maybe use something like the building of a checklist dom (here) and use that to display the titles of cards?

    Also how would you “check off” cards in trello? Move them to another list? Would you want both lists displayed, one as ToDo and one as Done?

  • I actually have your trello app running on the bottom_bar and love it. You do good work. I actually have your other modules to. In trello I have a todo list, then I drag the cards to the doing list. After that they go into a delivered column then to an archive that I dont show. So on my magic mirror board there is 3 different lists pulling different list id’s but I’m using ifttt to post it as a todoist list and that is going thru to many places for it to be efficient. Thank you for your reply.alt text

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