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Extend table / insert TD - please help

  • Hello everybody,
    I have the module MMM-fronius (PV system) here.
    The builder of this module writes the data in a table in a row.
    Can someone help me put the name in a cell and put the data in a cell?


    I can hardly deal with JS.
    In line 152 in the code, you can see that

    var row = this.config.singleLine? document.createElement (" span "): document.createElement (" tr ");

    I hope you understand what I mean, I want the NAME in a field and the DATA in a field so that I can adjust the whole thing via CSS.

    Who knows JS and tables and would like to help me?
    How do I get that into individual fields?

    Attached is a picture of how it looks.
    And here is the code:

    many thanks for your help


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