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Controller Board issue

  • Hello Forum,
    I’ve orderd an LCD Controller Board for my old laptop screen.
    I’ve checked everything on and matched it with the seller on Ebay.

    I’ve received the board and it fits, but after connecting it to HDMI/VGA/DVI i only get a black screen.
    I can turn it on/off and use the auto-button, but i cant see the menu.

    Any tips?
    I’ve also messaged the Ebay seller, but maybe you guys have tips.


    • Different sources
    • Different cables (not the LVDS, that one i dont have a spare)
    • Not a CCFL bulb thing as far as i Googled/understand so no need for an inverter

    The board: Display_15.6_LCM_overview_5714.html

    The setup:

  • Module Developer

    Might have to figure out how to adjust the brightness and contrast. Some boards they’re backwards from normal.

  • I had a similar issue on a different panel where the back light and on/off would function, but no menu would show. I found that I’d inserted the LVDS ribbon cable the wrong way up on the controller connector.

  • Module Developer

    hi, try with another device than RPI

    If works, tune your config.txt in /boot directory and force HDMI ouput on start

  • That looks suspiciously like the controller board I ordered off eBay and which didn’t work. Power to the monitor was fine, the backlight would turn on, but no signal through the LVDS cable. After much back and forth with the seller, including confirmation I had given them the correct LCD model number and confirmation they had shipped the correct board, they shipped me a second one, which also didn’t work. So I bought one off a different eBay seller that unbeknownst to me worked in the same warehouse as the first seller, so the third controller also didn’t work.

    After many months of trying different things, I finally tracked down the source of the problem with the help of a friend. The controller boards are soldered to output 16:9, but the display I had was natively set to 16:10. There was no way in hell it was ever going to work.

  • @sonicgoose said in Controller Board issue:

    The controller boards are soldered to output 16:9, but the display I had was natively set to 16:10.

    Soldered? I think the board was just shipped with the wrong firmware. Unfortunately for these boards you need extra flashing equipment to change the firmware.

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