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Finally I finished my mirror

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    Hey !

    It took me years (i started in 2016…) to get the motivation to finish it and now it look gorgeous !

    Some explanations about what is inside, we have :

    • A PIR Sensor (Oiyagai AM312, it’s very small !)
    • A Temperature sensor (DHT11)
    • A Pilkington MirroView (from brigla-shop dot de)
    • A 27" used screen from ASUS (vz279h)
    • A Raspberry 3 (obviously)

    The main issue was : I live in a flat, I haven’t tools to make the frame. So I ordered one from a french shop. I took it big enough to be able to fix screws on the back. Here a picture to show you how I managed to stuck the screen and mirror (thx to some youtubers for this tip) :


    These pieces of wood hide all the components and make the frame not too heavy. About the raspberry pi, i’m not sure how to attach it, so for the moment it’s only tape…

    Raspberry pi attached

    And finally the frame on the wall !! (still need to hide the holes from the previous tenant… and tie the cables)

    On the wall

    For the plugins I use :

    • MMM-DarkSkyForecast
    • MMM-DHT-Sensor
    • MMM-PIR-Sensor
    • MMM-MyCalendar
    • MMM-Paris-RATP-PG
    • MMM-Hue-Lights


  • @Hadr1en nice!!

    for securing the pi. they make sticky tape Velcro, stick to back of monitor, and pi, stick together

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    @sdetweil Thanks for your comment !
    Do you have any reference for the tape, i could try to find ? I wasn’t sure for the electronic if it’ll make some issue with tape…

  • @Hadr1en if u search for “Velcro tape” u might find sources near you.

    they make all widths and strength of the hooks. mounting pi directly with the sticky side… hm, might want to use a cheap case to hold the pi, and velcro that

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