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Add pictures to the newsfeed module

  • Hey there
    I created a recipe module to inspire myself what to cook next evening. Therefore I just copied the default newsfeed module and added some html blocks to show the image referenced by the rss entry.

    Nice try but my developer’s heart is bleeding because copying code is always a bad idea.

    What about adding this functionality to show images referenced in rss news feeds to the default newsfeed module and make it configurable to activate the images? I could add this feature and make a pull request, what do you think? So in this case everybody could use the newsfeed module to display anything and in cases of e.g. recipes to show an image as well.

    BTW: Thank you very much for starting this absolutely great open source project and everybody for participating. I love my mirror!


  • Core Contributors

    Hi @TheSwissGuy

    Sound good add an option for showing images in newsfeed. I like it.

    you can do it in the copy new module I think is not hard do it into the newsfeed. The project is always open a new contribution.

    Feel you free send a Pull Request. I really like see the feature into MagicMirror and done from your side 🙂

  • Hi @roramirez
    I just created a pull request, my first one ever! I hope I did everything right and you like it. Looking forward for any comments and enhancement tips.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @TheSwissGuy Copying code is okay as long as you’re not trying to take the credit for it 😉

    Why re-invent the wheel if there’s no need? 🙂

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