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MM-Remote Android App

  • Hello everyone,

    I have created an android app to remote controle MagicMirrors.
    With the app you can:

    • reboot/shutdown your mirror
    • toggle the monitor on/off
    • change the brightness
    • change the pages of the MMM-Pages module
    • play, pause and skip the displayed image of MMM-Background-Slideshow
    • send alerts to the mirror
    • you can also add custom commands

    As this is the first app I have created I would like to get some feedback.
    If you have trouble to set up the app let me know. If you discover bugs or have feature requests, please write an issue on github.

    You can find the latest release and a detaild describtion of the MM-Remote app in my github repository.

  • @Klettner said in MM-Remote Android App:

    • toggle the monitor on/off

    Did you add CEC compatibility with TVs too? 🙂

    If yes I am gonna give it a try.

  • To be honest, I don’t know what CEC is, but I can explain you how turning the monitor on/off is implemented and how you can test if it will work for you.
    If you press a button to send a command to the mirror, the app sends a REST requests to MMM-Remote-Controle, which handles the execution.

    I looked up for you how they have implemented tuning the monitor on/off there.
    To turn the monitor off they use the shell command:

    tvservice -o

    To turn on the monitor they use:

    tvservice --preferred && sudo chvt 6 && sudo chvt 7

    You can test these commands in the terminal of your Raspberry pi. If it works there, this should work with the app as well.
    It is also possible to overwrite these shell commands with you own ones, if you are interested in this, have a look at the custom commands section in the MMM-Remote-Control github repository

  • Hi @Klettner,
    I like your App very much!

    It also runs if I enter the hostname instead of the IP-address. This helps me a lot because I don’t use a static IP.

    Btw. I took the first apk in the list and it works on my Huawei P8Lite (Android 6.0.1).

    Thank you for the App


  • @Klettner I asked because I’ve got a TV and those commands do not apply to turn on and off the screen. 😉

    Can you please add also support to package cec-utils (

  • @thgmirror thanks for your feedback, I’am pleased to hear that 🙂

  • @Klettner you should make the command strings options so people don’t have to edit your code.
    set the default as it is now.

    my tvs don’t turn off , so I have hide/show for all modules

  • @Cr4z33 I think I found a solution that might work for your.

    1. download the cec-utils package to your raspberry pi (you have probably already done that).
      For Ubuntu or Debian use:
    sudo apt install cec-utils
    1. scan for available devices to get the device number/address of your TV
    echo 'scan' | cec-client -s -d 1
    1. Now you should be able to power on the TV via the Raspi command terminal (replace Device# with the number or address form step 2):
    echo 'on Device#' | cec-client -s -d 1

    and off

    echo 'standby Device#' | cec-client -s -d 1
    1. If these commands work, overwrite the commands of MMM-Remote-Control.
      To do this, open you config.js file and add the customCommand section to the module MMM-Remote-Contorl:

    I’m wasn’t able to test the commands as my pi is currently not connected to a CEC-device. Let me know if this works for you.

  • @Klettner never mind, you are using remotecontrol on the pi side…

  • @Klettner oh it’s easy then to fix it. 🙂

    Thanks for the solution.

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