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Trigger showing IP camera stream (iFrame?) via API call

  • Loving my magicmirror setup, mainly showing Google photos and news which is great. I’ve been trying to work out how I can have the display switch to a full screen camera view when movement is detected on that camera. I’m using motioneye for the cameras, and Home Assistant for automation. From that, I can easily make an API call when movement is detected, so I wondered if there was a way I could achieve that.

    I couldn’t find any plugins that seemed to support this, and the MM API docs don’t suggest this would work either. Anyone tried anything similar?

  • @velkrosmaak I use this
    for motion detection on my MagicMirror

    I don’t stream video, but it’s possible.
    there are events when motion starts, and u can control what to do w the video stream.

  • I see! Motioneye is a web frontend for motion ( but I don’t understand how the MM side would work.

  • @velkrosmaak trigger rtpstream or some such

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    I also use motion to detect and then stream the video via to the MM via MMM_SmartWebDisplay

    In the motion config file (/etc/motion) search for

    ’ # Command to be executed when an event starts. (default: none)
    '# An event starts at first motion detected after a period of no motion defined by event_gap
    '# on_event_start value
    '# Show iFrame in MagicMirror
    on_event_start /etc/motion/

    '# Command to be executed when an event ends after a period of no motion
    '# (default: none). The period of no motion is defined by option event_gap.
    '# on_event_end value
    '# Hide iFrame on MagicMirror
    on_event_end /etc/motion/

    and the scripts could look like:

    '# Show SmartWebDisplay in MagicMirror (iFrame no longer supported in MM 2.7.1)
    curl --no-verbose http://:8080/remote?action=SHOW"&"module=module_10_MMM-SmartWebDisplay


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