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MM freeze over night

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    my MM freezes over night. I suspected the SD card or one of the modules. So I bought a new SD card and the original Pi power supply and proceeded step by step:

    1. only Raspberry Pi OS 5.4.51 installed -> runs 48h without problems

    2. MM via the installation script of @sdetweil

    -> MM runs for about 12 hours then the PI obviously loses the wifi connection or something else happend and the whole OS freezes. I still see the MM on the monitor, but:

    • in the terminal I can still execute commands
    • the whole OS is frozen, not even the seconds are running

    My question, what is the best way to proceed? Where can I view which logs?

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    I now have a clean OS installation and a clean MM installation. Stopped MM with

    pm2 stop MagicMirror

    and see, what it is doing over night.

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    @MajorC which modules are you running? I had that with conflicting modules and activated one by one to find the culprit. It was a Google maps module in my case.

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    Good morning, with a clean OS and a clean but stopped MagicMirror my Raspberry ran for 48h without any freeze or wifi problem or what so ever. Even after the 48h I could access the OS via SSH.

    Now I rebooted the system, MagicMirror with only the default modules without any changes are running. Let’s see what is in the log’s after 48h.

    I am still looking for help, where I can find the right logs to look into.

    Thank you.

  • @MajorC pm2 Logs can be found @


    npm Logs @


    different system logs @


    you can install the following module for better logging:

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    My MM was running now for 48h without freezing. I don’t know what happened the last couple of times. Thank you to @Tribun ! I checked all the logs and found no problem. I will now start to install the first modules and see what’s going on.

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