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Where to insert text?

  • I’m trying to add some 3rd party modules to my MM. Many require text to be added to the config.js file. I tried but broke the config. I removed what I had pasted in and all is working now. I searched for the protocols for modifying the config but can’t find an answer. With all the {, ( ), ', " }, etc I need help. Where would I insert the following in the config.js file:
    module: “MMM-quote-of-the-day”,
    position: “lower_third”,
    config: {
    language: “en”,
    updateInterval: “1d”

  • @norwestie read the link in my signature about adding moduled

  • I used pm2 to autostart MM. Now I can’t get to the Pi desktop. I used pm2 stop mm then on the Pi command Q. MM disappeared for a few seconds but restarted right away. I rebooted and repeated but can’t get off MM

  • @norwestie alt-spacebar, n
    to minimize, just like on windows.

    pm2’s job is to keep the defined process running

    pm2 stop all
    once u get to the desktop

  • Thank you, it worked!

  • But… now i installed a couple modules, checking everything but MM is stuck ‘loading’. All that shows is the clock and weather and the header for Jeopardy. Where is my error? Below is what I have:

                            module: "weatherforecast",
                            position: "top_right",
                            header: "Weather Forecast",
                            config: {
                                    location: "West Linn",
                                    locationID: "5760009", //ID from$
                                    appid: "xxxxx"
                            module: 'MMM-IPCam',
                            position: 'top_left',
                            config: {
                            invertColors: false,
                            updateInterval : 10000,
                            host: '',
                            port: 80,
                            user: 'xxxxx',
                            pass: 'xxxxx', 
                            module: "newsfeed",
                            position: "bottom_bar",
                            config: {
                                    feeds: [
                                                    title: "New York Times",
                                                    url: ""
                                    showSourceTitle: true,
                                    showPublishDate: true,
                                    broadcastNewsFeeds: true,
                                    broadcastNewsUpdates: true

  • @norwestie please use code marks around config info

    mark the text, and push the button above the editor like this </>

  • Module Developer

    @norwestie CHeck this out to get a feeling how to troubleshoot modules.
    There might be an error zou need to find somewhere

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