Newbie questions

  • I’m trying to get this module:
    but i don’t know where I have to put it,i have to copy all this:

    modules: [
            module: 'MMM-GPSWeather',
            position: 'bottom_left',    // This can be any of the regions.
                                        // Best results in one of the side regions like: bottom_left
            config: {
                // See 'Configuration options' for more information.
                locationOnly: false, //Display just location, or loc & weather
                locationAPIKey: '1234567890zbcdefghijkl', //google maps API key - REQUIRED
                username: 'MyName', // Part of the position URL
                latlonUrlBase: "", //The server you have your GPS file hosted - REQUIRED
                WUAPIKey: '12391290348sjdf834' // Wunderground API Key - REQUIRED

    on the config.js?

    and another think,im stuck in **latlonUrlBase: "", //The server you have your GPS file hosted - REQUIRED**
    how i get that?
    I already have the api key from google and from the weather.

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  • @theusu5k The part between the two square braces ([...]) defines all of the modules. So you only have to have one modules: [...] in your config.js file. Each module is invoked by the parts between the curly braces ({...}). You can define more than one module by separating the curly braces with a comma:

    modules: [ 
    // module 1
    // module 2
    // module 3

    Remember to not mix single and double quote in your config.js file. I’ve gone through your module configuration and removed all of the comments left by the developer. I’ve added one comment to indicate where you should double-check which type of quote you’re using.

         module: 'MMM-GPSWeather',
         position: 'bottom_left', 
         config: {
              locationOnly: false, 
              locationAPIKey: '1234567890zbcdefghijkl', 
              username: ‘MyName’, 
              latlonUrlBase: '',   // 

  • do you know how i can modify so i can manually set the location(not with my phone)?

  • @theusu5k When you say “manually set the location” do you mean hardwire it to one location only, or use a web browser or other means to update the location?

    If I read this module correctly, it basically makes a call to an expected server that returns a tiny bit of location information. That location is normally updated by a mobile app. That app makes a web call to the server in question, providing the location data. So in short, the app tells the server where it is, the mirror module asks the server and the server does nothing but store the information.

    If you’re just trying to hardwire a location so that the weather always updates one spot, there are easier ways. If you’re trying to update your location with a browser or something other than the mobile app, that’s pretty simple. Just follow the instructions like normal and then send the server your location information with a well-crafted web call.

  • @bhepler i mean,i set manually the location permanently
    i want that always shows the weather from the same place
    how can i do it?

  • Module Developer

    @theusu5k use the default weathermodule instead, surely there is a city/place near where you want to display the weather from?

  • @broberg thanks 🙂
    another think,you know how i can change the lenguaje of the calendar and the news?

  • Module Developer

    @theusu5k the default calendar and newsfeed are just examples, you can add your own calendar and newsfeed from any of your local news sites that have an RSS-feed (easiest way to find the rss feed adress is to google the news site and rss feed, like “cnn rss”)

  • @theusu5k You can change the language of the calendar via the main configuration. Check with the configuration documentation for details. This will also change the language for any module that supports it (including weather). @broberg has the right idea for the news feeds. Find the feed for the language you want and then replace the feed in the module’s configuration in config.js.

    The default weathermodule is pretty good. If you wish more features, check out the Wunderground module. Both of these will let you set a location for the weather forecast.