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2screen in wall no mirror project

  • Work is not finished , but let me know what you are thinking about my information panel

    The Buttons on the left side are Busch Jaeger Zigbee trigger to control the pages and actions on the screens



  • @icemanmw awesome!!

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    Looks really great, respect.
    Can you take more picture? And/or describe more?
    How did you mount the monitors? Did you use two raspberry for that? Where’s the equipment? behind the monitors?

    Thank you very much

  • @Babene1
    Hi , I try to explain a bit more.
    Everything is in the wall . I used one Raspberry 4 and an housing with a quit fan on top .
    On top of the wooden wall is the PIR mounted. Works fine if someone is going from our kitchen to the living room. Both monitors come back in 5 seconds . If I am about 3 meters away the wake up process starts. Perfect for me and my family.
    The controlling of the screens is a quite „push the Button“ Action . I started to control everything with Alexa , but early in the morning or quite late in the evening I don’t like to talk to much … but in general it also works .
    Back to the buttons . I use a conbee Zigbee stick in a second Raspi placed in our basement of the house. On this second Raspi the software ioBroker is installed . So if I push the Zigbee button it will send an trigger to the ioBroker via conbee. The ioBroker translates with an program script the Zigbee trigger into an MQTT trigger . This MQTT is uses with the MQTT Bridge in the MagicMirror to push notifications to the MagicMirror … yes quite difficult, but it works fine and the delay is not to big ( Max 0.5 sec.)
    I also started to test with real wired buttons. The plan was to bore holes in the wood an place a few buttons , but I decided to do in regards of a cleaner view of the wood wall.

    Here some more pictures


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