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parsing RSS description (newsfeed or MMM-RSS-FEED)

  • hi,

    I’m trying to get an RSS feed going that would show more than just the RSS title, unfortunately I’m not sure on what to change (and where) to get more lines in the feed (not just title)

    I’ve tried MMM-RSS-FEED and adjusting the default newsfeed module, but am still struggling


    content of the feed:

    vulgäre Ausdrücke: profanity
     2017-01-15 00:00 UTC
    Part of speech:	noun
    Example sentence:	Man sollte hier keine vulgären Ausdrücke benutzen.
    Sentence meaning:	One shouldn't use profanity here.

    What MMM-RSS-FEED module shows:

    vulgäre Ausdrücke: profanity

    What newsfeed module shows:
    alt text

    relevant config.js part:

    module: 'newsfeed',
    position: 'top_right',
    config: {
    feeds: [
    title: "German word of the day:",
    url: ""
    showSourceTitle: true,
    showPublishDate: true,
    showDescription: true

    Is there a way to force either of the modules to display the RSS body (description) formatting properly? Respect new lines and tabs?

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    @meneldour For something that will contain multiple fields in a feed that you wish displayed on multiple lines, it’s probably easier to make a Word of the Day module. Use the RSS feed as a basis and modify the getDOM function to format your feed as you wish.

    Perhaps there’s already a word of the day module that can just be switched over to the one you like?

  • @bhepler That’s what I had concluded as well.

    There’s already the wordnik module , I’ve looked into its code, couldn’t find out how to edit it for my usage though, since my coding knowledge is very limited.

    Maybe the bible verse module? I’ll give it a go.

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