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Monitor panel: TN vs IPS vs VA

  • Hey,
    I am looking for the last part of my magic mirror, the monitor.
    When searching for a good monitor, the question arises which monitor panel to use.
    I read that IPS panel are better than their alternatives, but is it worth the ~100€ price increase?
    Currently I am looking at the BenQ GL2760H as a TN monitor (185 €) versus the Dell U2414H (250 €).

  • Project Sponsor

    @ZombieDE IMHO, no it’s not worth it. Unless you’re planning on using your Pi through the mirror for surfing, video or the like. But if you’re planning on going with the normal black and white theme for the mirror, it’s not worth the extra color fidelity. I’ve found that with a little fiddling of the monitor settings (contrast max, brightness 40%, etc.) you can remove any background bleed from the LED backlight.