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Problem with repeating events in default calendar module

  • I use a shared public iCal calendar. Clean calendar. I added one repeating event. The event is repeating weekly. All upcoming weekly events are displayed correctly i.e. everything works OK.

    After that I modify the event and add location to it. However, I add the location only to one event which occurs this week. In other words I do not add location to all upcoming events. Then I check my MM screen but I can see only this week’s event. All other upcoming events are missing. Pretty nasty issue because I use a lot these kind events.

    Test calendar: webcal://

    If you need help for testing please ask.

  • @villevirtanen

    😞 same issue…

  • I also have problems with the default calendar module and repeating or recurring events. Especially when editing a specific event that is part of a repeating event.
    I deleted one episode of a series of events. My Google calendar (app on phone) no longer shows the event, but my Mirror still shows the event. I have tried a restart and a reboot, but the calendar module persists in showing the event.
    I have modified yet one other episode of a different series (changed the duration). Again Google calendar on Phone shows updated results, the mirror persists in showing the none-updated version.

    This is annoying as I am using the Mirror as a family board, it has all the musical classes, sports trainings, chores-schedules etc. on it. These are of course recurring events, but some of them also tend to be edited to fit that week’s specific schedule.
    It feels to me that the default calendar module has a problem with handling exceptions to recurring events.

    Any ideas / solutions?

  • Anyone have a solution to this, I have the same issue. A monthly repeating event will not show on my calendar module. I see a function named “displayRepeatingCountTitle” but I cant seem to figure out what this does, or if it is at all related.

  • Any luck with this bug?

  • Did anyone get a resolution to this? I am having the same issue, I have a repeating calendar event that shows up fine, but when I change one item in the series it does not show up.

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