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Showcase Guidelines

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    Guidelines for presenting your module!

    Topic Title:

    Please use the following template for your topic title:
    [module-name] Short description

    Main Post:

    Please use the following template for your main post. Feel free to add additional headings, just make sure they are well structured!

    # Description:
    This part contains a long description of your module.
    # Screenshots:
    Add as many screenshots as you like.
    # Download:
    // Remove the spaces and add your Github module repository
    [ card:paviro/MMM-FRITZ-Box-Callmonitor ]
    ## Version x
    * Blabla
    * Blabla
    ## Version y
    * Blabla
    * Blabla


    Edit the main post and keep a change log with all your changes; this is mandatory!



    The FRITZ!Box Callmonitor provides an interface for the FRITZ!Box showing an alert whenever someone is calling. It also adds an optional widget to the UI which can be used as a call history or if configured correctly as a list of missed calls.
    Numbers are automatically converted to their corresponding names if an .vcf address book file is given to the module.

    If you have any questions or requests for future versions, don’t hesitate to ask!





    Version 1

    • Initial release
    • Showing an alert whenever someone is calling

    Version 2

    • Call history added
    • Added support for .vcf contact parsing

  • I can imagination that this is a good format for future or present module. This means that the poster need to have a ‘good’ post in first ~hours. After that time you can’t edit the post, but for a version section it is nice to have it in the first post. This is what I have experienced on the forum.

    I’m really curious if this by design and/or what people can do if they want to edit a section off there post?
    Let me know @paviro

    ps. Hope this is the right post for this.

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    You can now edit posts forever 🙂

  • Moderator

    @paviro said in Showcase Guidelines:

    You can now edit posts forever 🙂

    Yeah, finally 👍🏻
    I update my module threads yesterday

  • @paviro NICE i’m loving it

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