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Profile switching API

  • Note from admin: This was originally part of the Facial Recognition Module thread, moved it because it had nothing to do with it.

    @paviro can you please explain to me how you set up different profiles. I don’t (currently) plan on using your code cough too complicated cough but I had an idea for something potential awesome. P.S. could you trigger a profile switch via a ssh?

  • PPS in layman terms also because I’m just trying to learn how to build a module (module development form) and my brain is already oozing out my ears.

  • Admin

    @00conman what do you mean by profile? This module does not switch any profiles it’s just activates and disables the monitor 😃

  • @paviro response to reading the whole message back

    I was under the impression that you could sync up multiple different module configurations based on a face or “code.” For example Billy’s face code tracks the weather in London while Sally’s tracks New York’s.

    Response I was too lazy to re-write and only wrote reading the first sentance

    I had a stupid idea to make my mirror have 5 base profiles i.e. a weather, default, news, etc. And, I was going to base that profiling off of your code if possible. Also I was wondering if I could use a command from a terminal to change profile so that I could hook it up to a phone or tablet via something like tasker using a ssh. If possible I would love to attempt it but if not than I’ll move that idea to the trash.

  • Furthermore, with some time browsing the forums I found this post

    with you saying, “Different layouts based on facial recognition is already implemented here 🙂 It should be trivial to write something similar for the other use cases you just mentioned! Have a look at my code for an example.” While not outright saying it; it does sound something like different “profiles” that are able to be switched between.

  • Admin

    It is but this thread is not about that module! Please go to this topic for that.

    Update: I moved your posts to the correct topic, please check next time 🙂 will post an example how to switch profiles later.

  • Okay sorry about that.

    My first question is if I would be able to switch out layouts via a command in the Pi’s terminal or via an ssh. And, my second, if I can change layouts from a terminal, is how I would go about making the different layouts.

  • Admin

    @00conman sure you could. Would be the same thing like I do in my module but you probably would need to serve an API you could then trigger via a terminal 🙂

  • Admin

    @00conman it would be worth creating a module that has an API to switch “profiles”. It’s actually extremely doable. But I suggest you open a separate topic for this.

  • Okay I’ll look into it.

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