Display JSON data from an api

  • Hi

    I want to be able to display some data that is delivered in JSON format

    I ideally would like to be able to create a category with several titles in each and eah of the titles will get dynamic data produced by the API I will be using. Has anyone made anything like this or know how to make this ?

    Thank you

  • To add more to this.

    This is the output of the API


    I want to create a block that displasy this information.
    Not all of it, just some.

    This is a bot i use on my discord
    alt text

    Essentially just the information on this.

  • Did you get any traction with this? I’m looking for similar solutions; Display fields from JSON formatted file.

  • Module Developer

    You would need to create a module to do this…

  • You could take a look at the MMM-Rest… It doesnt have the ability to read json but could be modified. If you do modify it to accept json, please let me know as I am also looking for a way to do this.


  • Module Developer

    @mortenbirkelund it would be easier to just write a new module for it… hacking something will probably not give you the results you want.

    What is the address of the api?

  • @cowboysdude

    Thanks, yes. Do you happen to know of a module that successfully loads data from a JSON file? Seems like such a simple thing to do.

    and @mortenbirkelund
    Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t have the skills to make this, yet.

  • @cowboysdude said in Display JSON data from an api:

    it would be easier to just write a new module for it…

    Perhaps. I just guessed a the rest module could be a good starting point.

  • Module Developer

    @looolz Where is the info coming from? What is the api address?

  • @cowboysdude There is no API. In this case it’s just shell scripts that write out JSON files. I could modify the shell script to write out the files anyhow I want.

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