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How HOT Does it Get?

  • I was wondering if it would be a good idea to put a small fan behind my mirror. I’ve noticed that my raspberry pi gets pretty hot quickly, so I thought I might need to cool it down since the 3d printed case around my pi is made out of biodegradable PLA plastic. I really wouldn’t want it to get too hot.

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    What do you need? Module or command: /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp?

  • @AAPS is your case ventilated/some holes? do you using a heatsink for cpu and Ram? my pi2 climbs to max. 60°C so anyway your far far faaaaaar way to melt your PLA case ^^

  • My case is ventilated, but I still might consider a tiny fan to make sure nothing happens anyway. I don’t use a heatsink. Either way, my raspberry pi shouldn’t ever get hot enough to melt the plastic, which melts at like 200°C in the 3d printer.

  • I am also assuming that it is okay for me to always keep the pi on (the display will mostly stay off, though). Someone please correct me if I am wrong because the last thing I need is my raspberry pi not being powerful enough to always stay active.

  • I did some tests and here is my results. However my PI is located on the other side of the wall and not in the frame.

    PI Without heatsink and with
    alt text

    With vent holes
    alt text

    Without holes

    alt text

  • It seems like I should be completely fine, and nothing should melt or get messed up. Is this right?

  • I just realized that I do have a heatsink, but it’s one for an old computer. Do they run mechanically or electronically? It might be just what I need. It won’t be ideal, but I can figure something out.

  • @AAPS
    Honestly I think this thing def. needs a fan even with a heatsink. It gets way too hot. I have not finished with OS set up and config quite yet though so it’s not my focus yet, case wise. I had to open the top part of the case even though it was well ventilated, I added a fan and sinse then it’s been running cool to the touch where that was not the case with an open case and heatsink. I will def. encorporate a fan once I get to that point in my build.

  • Thanks! That’s the kind of response I was waiting to hear.

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