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How HOT Does it Get?

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    @1m2 said in How HOT Does it Get?:

    I will def. encorporate a fan once I get to that point in my build.

    I was waiting to see what sort of response you would get about the fan. I’ve been wanting to add a fan although all searches say that the Pi can run without problems up to 80°C or more. That “seemed” hot to me. My Pi was running at 60°C, which is well under the maximum that I discovered. So, I took it upon myself to add a fan (I have spare parts lying around) and connected it to a 5V pin and a GRD pin on the GPIO header. I’ve been running the mirror all day without a hitch and my CPU temp is nearly 20°C cooler. Have a look.


  • @Mykle1 my Pi CPU temp was at up to 73°C. I think the heat caused by monitor heat emission although there are some vent holes. When I turn off the monitor for a while, when I turn the monitor on, the CPU temp was at 61°C.
    I think, it is a good idea add some fans to reduce the heat.

  • @Mykle1 That’s great. My new problem now is figuring out how to make it wake up. How did you do it?

  • Not that anyone would need to see this but I thought I’d share just for reference ( it’s blowing air out ).
    I just cut a hole and glued the four corners of the fan down ( can take it out any time I wish ).

    1_1486697979646_IMG_20170209_203629.jpg 0_1486697979645_IMG_20170209_203647.jpg

  • @1m2 That’s really smart! What kind of case is that?

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    @AAPS said in How HOT Does it Get?:

    That’s great. My new problem now is figuring out how to make it wake up. How did you do it?

    It’s no good connecting a mouse and/or keyboard to the mirror to wake it up. It takes the “magic” away, you know?

    I had this problem as well. I decided to disable the screensaver. IMHO this is easiest done by installing xscreensaver (you don’t have to do any coding). Once installed, you go to the desktop of your GUI on the Pi, click on the raspberry icon, upper left, select preferences, select screensaver and disable the screensaver. Its one of the button choices. Now you can use the MMM-Remote-Control module to turn your monitor on and off, modules on and off, etc. It’s fabulous. Works from any computer on the same network and even works from your cell phone.

    You can thank me later. 😉

  • I’ll thank you right now, and the remote control thing is pretty much what I have been doing, but I want motion detection because the ip adress of my pi changes constantly, so I run the risk of turning my display off and not knowing the site I need to go on to turn it back on. Either way I am about to buy a pir sensor for five bucks and play with it, so whatever I manage to do will have to work for me. ☺

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    My ip address changes too but I can find it easily by signing in to my router. You can set a static ip address for your Pi. I tried but got frustrated and gave it up. I’ll try again when my patience isn’t so low.

    I’ve also been toying with the idea of a PIR sensor or webcam but I’m still just trying to perfect my setup before diving into that. Good luck in your venture. I wish I could have been more help

  • You just telling me this is helpful. I could maybe set a static IP address if I suddenly start feeling less lazy. 🤔

  • @AAPS just checked my pi zero after running for a few days straight. 51.4c that’s with no fan, no heatsink, and the frame around the mirror covering it.

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